FXPlus is one of Australia’s Leading career development institute. Our Graduate Placement Program helps you to get your foot in the door of a great company so that you get the opportunity to learn, earn & progress on the job, prove your skills, secure a rewarding job and fast-track your career.
Gain a competitive advantage with FXPlus Graduate Placement Program. We offer you a comprehensive experience – combining both work experience with industry-specific skill-based learning. Our unique placement and training internship program helps you transition seamlessly and confidently from study to work.
Over 70% of interns are offered ongoing employment with their host company after their internship.
▲  We are connected to over 3,500 Australian Host Employers ranging from ASX listed companies through to small and medium sized organisations.
▲  We offer placement services across all Capital Cities in Australia.
▲  Over 90% of interns find permanent professional work in their preferred industry within 4 months of placement.

What is included in the Graduate Placement Program


Our Graduate Placement Program is separated into four stages, creating a comprehensive and well-rounded experience for you.


building your own career profile


Our program consultants will work with you to complete a career needs assessment, in order to understand your unique skills, experiences, interests
and desires, and find you the perfect internship program.

Skill Development

resume, interview and soft skills training


Under our Graduate Placement Program, you will experience utmost care and attention personally tailored to you, facilitated by experienced industry mentors to help with your job preparation.


matching you with your host company 



Your program consultants will work on getting you connected with a host company that matches you under your career needs assessment. 






You will now be finally ready for your internship, where you get to apply your classroom learning working in your field of choice. During the internship, feel supported by having ongoing access to our qualified and knowledgeable trainers for questions on your assessments, and to our team of motivated and passionate placement consultants for any other queries. 



 We offer placement services across 21 industries.

  • Information Technology / IT

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • HR

  • Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Telecom

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Finance

  • Business & Commerce

  • Law

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Media

  • Science

  • Sports & Sports Management

  • Teaching

  • Medical & Public Health


We are connected to over 3,500 Australian Host Employers ranging from ASX listed companies through to small and medium sized organisations.

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