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FXPlus Trading Academy - With now over 4000+ students globally & 6 years successful track record, FXPlus are proven Industry Leaders in Manual & Algorithmic Trading Education Solutions to help traders Rise Beyond Retail into profitable, institutional-style trading...

Trading education designed to make you trade like an institutional expert

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FXPlus Algorithmic Trading

  • 4000+ FXPlus trading students
  • Over$5 Trillion Traded in the FX market on a daily basis.
  • 85% financial market volume is now algorithmic

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When you learn with FXPlus, you get all this and much more

algorithmic-trading-access Access exclusive algorithmic methodologies and systems Over 85% of all market volume is now algorithmic. You can now rise above retail and get access to the same tools and strategies that the most successful institutional traders use.

live-trading-hub A welcoming Live Trading HUB, for you In our Sydney office you have available a dedicated 'Live Trading HUB' where you can drop in and trade to your hearts content, all under the watchful eye of our professional traders.

dedicated-support-team Two dedicated support team members When you receive your trading education with FXPlus, you are never alone. Not only will you get a dedicated relationship manager, you will also get exclusive access to a professional fund trader for the life of your course.

Book Your Complimentary 'One on One' Trading Strategy Health Check Now


An FXPlus education, is greatly different from anything you have seen before

  • With over 4,000+ trading students coming through the FXPlus education program over the last 6 years, you can rest assured that we have something special waiting for you too.
  • Not only are we world class educators, we are also backed by an ASIC regulated hedge fund which has assets under management of over 100 million. The fund managers that trade this fund also teach our course. The great news is that you can even get access to these funds in time and begin to profit share with us.
  • You can see our operations at any time in our Sydney office, where you can come in and trade in our exclusive members only Live Trading HUB. Right under the same roof, our professional hedge fund traders are expertly going about their business doing what they do best.
  • Embrace the new trend to trading automation with our proprietary algorithmic tools and technologies – once available only to institutions and hedge funds. Our custom built trading strategies are adapted to today’s volatile market conditions and will transform your trading.

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Regardless of your experience level, FXPlus Trading Academy has a suitable program to take you from your current position, to the achievement of your trading ambitions

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Our 'Live Trading HUB' location is located right in the middle of Sydney.

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